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New Apple TV

Apple offers a tiny streaming box called the Apple TV. The Apple TV lets you stream all the video content in the iTunes Store to your HDTV. Apple reportedly will show off an all-new box with App Store and Siri support in June.

apple tv

APPLE IS PREPARING a new incarnation of Apple TV, its old internet-connected television set-top box. So says a report, at least, from those internet mavens at Buzzfeed, citing unnamed sources familiar with the company’s plans.

According these sources, Apple will include an iPhone-like App Store, let you control the thing via a Siri-like speech-recognizing digital assistant, offer a way of remotely controlling other gear in your home, beef up its storage, and toss in your very own, er, A8 system-on-a-chip.

Video about Apple TV

All this is a bit underwhelming, especially when you consider that Apple TV has never really taken off—at least not in the way the iPhone and the iPad and the Mac have. In many respects, it’s just redundant (any smart TV lets you download shows from the internet) or too much like other internet set-tops (from Roku to the Xbox). Even with all that new stuff, you still have to wonder if this represents much of a change.

But there’s another item to consider. It popped up a few days before the Buzzfeed report, and it’s the one thing that can really change the equation for Apple TV: live television streaming.

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Source: Cade Metz

Image source: Julien GONG Min

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