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Crawley Computer Centre’s technology predictions for 2014

Predictions for Technology developments in 2014 by Crawley Computer Centre


1. Security

Information Technology Security was consistently hitting the headlines in 2014 organised Hactivists (hacking for a cause) have set their sights on large organisations and even government departments.  The UK Government takes ‘cyber’ security seriously and has recently published a report, which was put together by Defence Committee MPs, says that the UK Government needs to take vigorous action in its approach to cyber security.  Similarly, society has higher security expectations from computing devices and personal data collection and storage.

Crawley Computer Centre has seen an increase in nasty computer malware and viruses such as the Police virus (Ransomware) and ZeuS (bank and password details stealer) and BlackHole Exploit Kit (downloads just about any threats your computer is vulnerable to).  We predict malware distribution to increase over 2014.  As the trend is for people to ditch the desktop and get more mobile we foresee an increase in malware targeting mobile devices.  Our top tip is to ensure you have anti-virus application with a firewall installed to keep your system protected, call us for a great deal on Bullguard Internet Security 2014.  It is also advisable to have an annual Healthcheck to ensure your computer is running to its optimum and is malware and virus free.  Anti-virus applications are also available for tablet and smartphones to keep you protected on the move.


2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an on-demand access to computing resources, applications and personal files.  Typically it has been popular with business and research organisations.  We have seen increased consumer products recently such as Amazon cloud and Apple iCloud.  Users can seamlessly work between personal devices, share photos, videos and documents with friends and family.

Crawley Computer Centre predicts cloud to be more common in home computing, applications and devices are created with cloud in mind which makes the user experience seamless.  It offers resiliency that a single device cannot, who has time to complete a system backup anyway?  Users demand instantaneous access to online resources applications and enjoy the peace of mind that their data is stored securely so even if computing devices are lost or stolen rest assured the lifetime of family photos are safe.  We recently started to provide cloud services so come into store today to see what great deals we have for Cloud.


3. Mobility and accessibility

Reduced production and hardware costs in 2014 has seen a boom in feature loaded personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.  Users can access personal files, social networks and online resources anywhere and at anytime.  We are increasingly dependent on these mobile devices and the connectivity they provide to keep in touch with what’s happening in the world, with friends, family or celebrity’s lives.

Crawley Computer Centre predict mobile devices overtake home computing during 2014 as home computing continues to extend past leisure and entertainment as it were 10 to 20 years ago through to essential every life.  Crawley Computer Centre support set up of home internet and also specialise in repairs to smartphones and tables such as Apple iPhone and iPad with Express and while-you-wait services available you can be rest assured that the devices you cannot do without will be in safe hands.

If you are a business owner and have a website we predict that you will also need a mobile site as more customers search for your products or services online.  If your competitor has a mobile site and you don’t they will soon capture the lion’s share of the business. Call us now for a mobile website or landing page.


4. Speed

From 2011 to 2013 the number of homes with internet access in the UK increased from 77% to 80% (Office for National Statistics).  We may not see this increase the same this year due to the increased accessibility of ‘hot spots’ where Internet access is free to use in cafes, bars and pubs.  However, Crawley Computer Centre predict a smaller increase in 2014 but the average bandwidth at home is expected to increase significantly over the next year utilising cable and fibre optic connections as well as faster mobile services over technologies like 4G.

Crawley Computer Centre troubleshoots internet access problems, so if you have just upgraded and need help getting set up a router or complete network at home or in the office call us today.


5. Throw-away-culture

The‘throw-away-culture’is increasing, items that would normally be repaired are no longer economical to repair such as domestic printers.  Older components are more expensive as less of them are produced and slowly become specialist items rather than readily available.  Unfortunately this is not good for the environment and typically not good for your pocket either.  Crawley Computer Centre predict this to continue and increase, our policy is to repair rather than try to sell you a new device.

Crawley Computer Centre offer VIP Club Membership which gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to inevitable breakdown of a computer, no matter how old your computer or laptop is we provide this service from as little as £8.75 per month you can enjoy benefits such as queue jumping priority service, no labour charges and a free annual healthcheck to ensure your computer is working to its optimal.

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