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The Apple Watch is coming. April 24 is the official launch date and its pricing is known from £300 and we have a much better idea of exactly what it can do.

apple watch

Four years ago, I wore an iPod Nano on my wrist and I loved it. I liked the novelty of it, the way it played music on my wrist, and could go with me anywhere. At the time, I wished the strapped-on music player, with its watch faces and little assortment of apps, could do more. And I dreamed of a day it might connect to my phone.

Well, here we are. The Apple Watch is a brand-new Apple product, the first from-the-ground-up product line since the iPad and since Tim Cook took the helm. This watch is, in a way, a new type of wrist-worn super-iPod. It’s also a symbiotic iPhone companion. And, it’s a fitness device.

Video about Apple Watch

It also embarks onto a churning sea of smartwatch launches — many manufacturers have set sail with ambitious wearables; very few are bona fide successes. Most people aren’t even sure they need one. Can the Apple Watch succeed where others have foundered?

The Apple Watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes, with a range of swappable bands and prices ranging from $349, £299 or AU$499 all the way up to $17,000, £13,500 or AU$24,000.

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Source: Scott Stein

Image source: Vicki Timman

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