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Do you have a problem with your Xbox 360?


The most common complaint about the Xbox is the lights flashing red on the console. Gamers have dubbed this problem as “red-ring-of-death” or “red-dot-of-death” for the Xbox slim. Although it sounds ominous; it usually means your Xbox has a hardware failure or overheating issue.

There are many tips and videos online on how to repair red light errors which are from the ridiculous as wrapping your console in a duvet and causing it to overheat to using cheap heat guns. We would highly recommend you do not follow these quick fixes; apart from the obvious health and fire risk you can cause more damage to your console deeming it irreparable.

At Crawley Computer Centre we use the latest BGA reworking machine to ensure your games console is repaired safely in a controlled environment by experienced technicians.

We do not just repair overheating issues with Xbox consoles, here are some of the other more common faults we repair:

  • One, two or four red lights error.
  • Not reading discs.
  • Not powering up.
  • Freezing or running slowly.
  • Disc jammed or not ejecting.
We hold a stock of Xbox parts so most repairs can be completed the same day or next day. No need to book an appointment, just bring your Xbox console in today for an assessment.

Here are some tips about prolonging the life of your Xbox:

DO – bring it to Crawley Computer Centre for a health check. We can dismantle it safely to remove any build up of dust and give advice on upgrading internal cooling mechanisms; prolonging the life of your console and saving you money.
DO – keep the Xbox in a well ventilated area so that heat disperses.
DO – raise the power brick off the ground, this will get as hot too and can often cause a red light error.
DO – limit your gaming time to about 5 hours allowing your console to cool regularly.
DON’T – place it on the carpet whilst in use. It can act as an isolator which may cause your Xbox to overheat, it will also draw in dust and fluff from the carpet into the fans and console.
DON’T – store your Xbox in the hot spots of your home i.e. in direct sunlight or close radiators.
DON’T – put your Xbox at the back or in a cramped TV/media cabinet as the restricted airflow will act like an oven.

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