Microsoft Office 365 Virus and Malware Removal

Microsoft Corporation is introducing Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection, a new line of defense against malicious software for Office 365’s commercial email users.


Software and Technology giant, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is making extra protective measures through the introduction of Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (EOATP).

The new threat protection feature will provide extra shielding against malicious software attacks on commercial email users of Office 365.

The new service will be beneficial to users because it can analyze email messages before they are sent. This allows it to search for any viruses or malware that could be embedded within the message. The increased email safety will allow users to experience a more secure office 365 service.

Video about Advanced Threat Protection for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft scans for threats

Additionally, the feature allows for real time-scanning of links sent via email. This scanning is designed to detect any existing malware in the linked sites. This will play a major role in ensuring that users do not get relayed to hazardous sites.

The service will also incorporate a smart tracking feature. It is supposed to give comprehensive results and tracking so that it is possible to identify the individuals that are being targeted in an organization.

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Source: Ruchi Gupta

Image source: Thomas Hawk

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