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Security software can be basically dangerous. That appears to be a statement that doesn’t seem to make sense, but it does none-the-less. Such is the case in this latest incident which affected customers of the popular anti-virus program, Panda Security.

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Panda Software has some very thorough security software. So thorough that it classified some of its own programs as malware.

As noted by The Register, a recent update incorrectly identified Panda system files as being malicious. Enterprise customers who updated and rebooted found themselves unable to go online.

The problem affected Panda Cloud Office Protection, Retail 2015 products, and Panda Free AV. The company is urging users not to reboot until they install the fix.

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The news came ahead of today’s 26th anniversary of the Web. And in celebration of that milestone, Google highlighted what it’s doing to keep users away from malicious files on the Web.

Last month, Google said that its Chrome Web browser would warn you before you visit a site that encourages you to download nefarious programs that make undesirable changes to your computer or interfere with your online experience.

When you’re about to visit one of these questionable sites, you’ll see a red warning that “The site ahead contains harmful programs.”

According to Google, there’s a lot out there that can trip up innocent users: Its safe browsing application, which protects approximately 1.1 billion people in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, generates just around 5 million or so warnings each day.

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Source: David Murphy, Chloe Albanesius

Image source: Intel Free Press

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