Huawei P8 Review

The Huawei P8 lacks some of the shine of its flagship phone rivals, but it still delivers an uncompromising mix of features and performance for a far cheaper price.

Huawei P8

The Huawei P8 is the Chinese firm’s latest foray into the flagship market, and it’s arguably its best handset to date after the comparably sedate Ascend P6 and Ascend P7 of the past couple of years.

The “Ascend” name has been dropped in favour of the cleaner Huawei P8 moniker, which tidies up its previously messy naming regime.

Video About Huawei P8
In terms of price you’re looking at €499 (around £395, $580, AU$760) for the 16GB model, or €599 (around £465, $680, AU$900) for 64GB of internal space, making the Huawei P8 comfortably cheaper than the current fleet of 2015 flagships.

There’s a 5.2-inch full HD display up front, while the metal unibody design comes in at just 6.4mm thick – making the Huawei P8 thinner than the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Image Source:Vlad Andriescu

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