Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With the Galaxy S6 now available for smartphone consumers, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will be turning its attention to the release of the Galaxy Note 5. This is an important device for Samsung, as the Galaxy Note 4 was extremely well received for the corporation last year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After a period of slight stagnation, with iterative changes to its smartphone line, it’s fair to say that Samsung’ back with a bang with its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets. Made of metal and glass, with all-new internals, these new handsets are massive improvements over their predecessors. They’re also good clues as to what Samsung will do with its stylus-controlled phablet Galaxy Note range. Here we’re rounding up all of the current rumours to find out what the Note 5 has in store for us.

Video About Samsung Galaxy Note 5

PhoneArena has reported that Samsung has confirmed in a presentation for analysts that it’s planning to release a UHD 4K (3,180×2,160) smartphone display in 2015. All of the current evidence points towards the new displays going into manufacturing in August, which would tie in nicely with the Note 5’s rumoured launch date of September at IFA (see below for more details). Apparently, Samsung is ready to produce two displays: a 5.78in display for the Edge variety and a 5.89in version for the regular flat-screen version. That would give the displays incredible pixel densities of 762ppi and 748ppi respectively.

Having these panels is one thing, but there are some issues to take into account. For starters, we’re definitely getting diminishing returns from higher resolution phone screens: will we really be able to tell the difference between 2K and 4K? Secondly, all of those extra pixels require a lot of extra power to run, which would potentially mean less battery life. This is an even bigger issue if Samsung ditches the removable battery as it did with the Galaxy S6. For those reasons, it’s possible that the Note 5 will have the same 2,560×1,440 resolution as the Galaxy S6 and Note 4.

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