Laptop Repairs Crawley Computer Centre

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs Crawley Computer Centre

At Crawley Computer Centre we offer a complete laptop repairs services in our fully equipped workshop based in Crawley.

Common issues we find with laptops are smashed screens, overheating and liquid spillage.

We can replace broken screens on most laptops just bring your computer to our store to get a quote of the replacement screen including fitting, Usually we can fit a replacement screen the same day, if we don’t have the screen in stock we can order and in most cases would come in next day.

If your laptop has an issue other than a damaged screen we would run a diagnostic service to check the health of the laptop. The diagnostic service has two stages firstly we check the hardware to identify any potentially failing components then examine the operating system to ensure it is running smoothly with no bugs or corruptions.

The hardware examination will include a hard drive test, where we will check for bad sectors which are more common problem on laptops because they are portable making the hard drive is easier to damage through shock, vibrations and impact. A failing hard drive can display many problems such as crashing, locking up, or windows not starting. On occasions a bad sector can be fixed but this can be only a short term solution. The only 100% fix is to save data where needed and replace the drive then reload the operating system providing you have a valid licence.

Next we check the memory (also known as Random Access Memory – RAM) modules for faults as this too can cause similar faults like a failing hard drive. A faulty memory module can cause corruption of your data before it`s saved to your hard drive. Failing memory is easily replaced dependent of which type you have installed, we stock most types of memory for a fast laptop repairs service.

After the other components are checked including power supply we then inspect the motherboard for damage or worn components. We will then proceed to clear the dust and fluff from vents and fans that can cause overheating and the laptop to shutdown by itself.

Once we complete the hardware section we then assess the software for indication of file corruption, virus or malware infection and missing or outdated device drivers, Windows service packs and patches all of which will affect the overall performance or security of your system.

When we complete the diagnostics and the hardware has passed but find issues with the software we recommend a system service we call Healthcheck that will deal with software faults that we found during the diagnostic check.

The Healthcheck service will scan and safely remove any malicious infections identified, add any missing service packs and missing updates for Wndows. We also check for updates for adobe reader, adobe flash, adobe air, java and Silverlight.

Occasionally it may be necessary to re-install programs that have been damaged by virus or malware infection.  After your laptop has been repaired we can recommend an internet security package which we believe offers the best protection and value for money based on our experience and the many laptop repairs we have completed since 2001.

If the computer is very badly infected or operating system corrupted the Healthcheck service may not be able to safely remove all of the issues, we would then recommend a full reload of Windows which would involve wiping windows and all data from the hard drive and then re-installing a fresh copy of Windows. If needed we can save your data before we start.

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“I wanted to email you to thank you for recovering my data from a failed SD card. I was very concerned i had lost my childrens birthday, first day at school and my sisters wedding from the last month or so. The service was very quick well explained and I am over the moon that I can view all the pictures! Many thanks again

James Chase

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